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The concept of ‘Slow Fire London’ has been heating up for some time now. 

Being served up from this distinctive converted Chevrolet GMC ambulance is BBQ and smoked meat… Expect deliciously slow cooked whole joints of meat prepared over wood and charcoal and served with fresh crunchy slaws and punchy, bright and fresh salads.

Growing up in Norfolk gave me a real experience and in turn, love, of quality-reared, freshly grown and prepared food from an early age. After spells of travelling the world and sampling culinary delights from all over the globe, my affection for food brought me to London where I pursued a career as a chef.

Having worked in some of London's top kitchens, my passion for food always brings me back to all things rustic and bbq. It was only when I read "Seven Fires" by the Argentinean don of pit cooking, Francis Mallmann that I was inspired to pay homage to his beautiful way of taking cooking right back to nature.

Wanting to feed the masses with this way of cooking - the only thing left on the list was to find the perfect place to do it from. Then I found it, it was perfect! A decommissioned GMC Ambulance – it wasn’t the conventional, but it was exactly what I wanted. Although it’s been a long process having the Chevrolet converted into the perfect food truck, it’s been a total labour of love. As soon as the customised two-metre long bbq/smoker was fitted, the dream (finally!) felt like it was becoming reality! 

Now here we are, ready to bring you the finest meats cooked over sustainably sourced woods and charcoal. Enjoy, and take it slow…


The Food

Way back in time. Long before the day of gas and electricity. Our ancestors, discovered that food tastes great cooked over the embers of a dying fire! 

For us at Slow Fire London, barbecue is more than a meal. It's an event! People gather for this event to watch, smell and eat. 
The fire in the pit is a living, breathing creature. The smoke from the smouldering embers of charred wood lend there identity to the food. As they cook, cure and preserve, they flavour the food in the most amazing fashion! 

The history of barbecue is rich across the globe. From the early Caribbean pit fires, to the Argentinian Asado, and beyond! We have love for all things wood fired! And our food offerings will showcase that. 

All of our meat is locally reared, free range and traceable back to the farm. The wood and charcoal we use is all "made in England". And is an essential by-product from the ongoing management of our historic woodlands.



The Star of Bethnal Green, October - February

Grow Hackney, October - January

The Dukes Head, Highgate, March "17

Available to hire for kitchen residencies, weddings, festivals, private parties and events. Call 07885373540 or use the form below. 





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