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The concept Slow fire has been heating up for some time now....

Growing up in Norfolk, I had a close affinity to quality locally grown produce and wild food from an early age. So, when I moved to London 12 years ago to persue a career in professional kitchens, I felt I had a bit of a head start.

In that time I have been privileged enough to learn my trade with the legendary Pierre Koffmann, at The Berkeley in Knightsbridge. As well as spells at Tate Britain, The Royal Academy of Art, The National Gallery and Smiths.

I founded Slow Fire in November 2015. I wanted the business to reflect my early memories of food combined with what I've learned over the past decade. We are all about using top quality, sustainable sourced as locally as possible.

At Slow Fire we pride ourselves in operating ethically. This applies to everything from only ever using ingredients which are bang in season, the meat we use being free range and traceable to the farm, right through to the packaging we use being totally compostable and all employees being paid London living wage. 


The Food

Way back in time. Long before the day of gas and electricity. Our ancestors, discovered that food tastes great cooked over the embers of a dying fire! 

For us at Slow Fire London, barbecue is more than a meal. It's an event! People gather for this event to watch, smell and eat. 
The fire in the pit is a living, breathing creature. The smoke from the smouldering embers of charred wood lend there identity to the food. As they cook, cure and preserve, they flavour the food in the most amazing fashion! 

The history of barbecue is rich across the globe. From the early Caribbean pit fires, to the Argentinian Asado, and beyond! We have love for all things wood fired! And our food offerings will showcase that. 

All of our meat is locally reared, free range and traceable back to the farm. The wood and charcoal we use is all "made in England". And is an essential by-product from the ongoing management of our historic woodlands.



We reside, canal-side! You can find us year round at Grow Hackney. 

Monday - Tuesday // closed

Wednesday - Friday // 5pm-10pm

Saturday // 12pm-10pm

Sunday // 12pm-6pm

98c Main Yard 

Wallis Road 

E9 5LN

Available to hire for kitchen residencies, weddings, festivals, private parties and events. Call 07885373540 or use the form below. 





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